Rory says Norman needs to go and the PGA Tour gets a new app

This Wednesday episode was not without its technical difficulties, but Andy and Brendan got it across the line. They begin with Rory’s quotes on Greg Norman and his needing to go and exit stage left for the two sides in pro golf to come together. They examine the changing tones, conciliatory shifts, and likelihood that this does happen the way Rory stated from Dubai. Then they get to the big news that the PGA Tour is coming out with a new app and a new website at the start of the year. Andy parses through the press release as Brendan reacts to the promise and potential of a new day. The grumbles over the new world rankings formula from across the pond are dissected, as is Bubba Watson’s recent contention that players are getting under the table appearance fee money on the PGA Tour. They close with a brief comment on a Jonas Brother getting his own golf apparel collab.