Rory wants the PIF, In-Out-Alternate for Butterfield, and Ballfrogs visit Fenway

This Wednesday episode begins with one more travel tale for 2023 as Andy recalls a particularly egregious neighbor on his plane ride home on Tuesday. There’s also some cycling culture follow-ups from Brendan before they get to the actual golf for the week. They begin with another round of TGL news, from the big Ballfrog rollout at Fenway to the sixth and final team setting up shop in great American metropolis of Jupiter, Florida. They also discuss Rory McIlroy’s comments about a preference to have the PIF involved with the future sorting of the PGA Tour, and how there seems to be some conflict among factions as that league tries to sort out its financial future. The latter half of the episode gets into schedule for the week with another rousing edition of In? Out? or Alternate? for the Butterfield Bermuda Championship.