Scottie-Tiger comps, Grades for The Players, and Yasir comes to town

The PGA Tour gets on the board this year with an outstanding Players Championship from start to finish. Brendan, still shaking off the cobwebs from the trip to Northern Ireland, is joined by Shane Bacon for this wide-ranging recap that begins with some Sunday parenting horror stories before getting into audacious Tiger-like comps for the back-to-back Players winner. The two discuss what impresses them most about Scottie Scheffler and if those in and around the game have undersold him and this run. Then they hand out grades for the handful of contenders, and non-contenders, as well as the coverage, course, Big Jay, and Johnson Wagner. It’s a tough grade for Xander and Rory. Then they close out the episode with some news and quote roulette on Rory discussing Yasir’s impending visit and meeting with the board, Peppy Peter on player control, and Jimmy Walker sounding off on a range of topics that left us puzzled.