Seniors whipped in Wales, JT MCs in Minny, and Barstool’s KFT coverage

Brendan is back and he returns to an Andy podcasting not at 100 percent after eating too much at dinner. This episode is a ramble that covers all manner of important and inane golf topics, and several non-golf subjects like vacation, the show Shark Tank, and Burmese food. They begin with some thoughts on the Sticky Note Classic that quickly transitions to a Senior Open recap. Andy has had enough with the Paddy RC talk, Brendan has Woosie empathy, and they both have delight in the absolutely brutal conditions. At the 3M Open, they discuss JT’s MC and Finau’s T7, and how we weight each. There’s great anger over FedExCup standings updates lagging. There’s praise for Lee Hodges, and some clarification on all the strawman J.T. Poston catnip about his going for the green. On the KFT recap, they discuss the Barstool broadcast of the Chicago event. News hits on the Jay memo a bit more and the outrageous decision by Carlota Ciganda do DQ herself rather than take a slow play penalty.