Shane Bacon joins to set up Sunday at the U.S. Open

This Saturday night episode reacts to the third round at Winged Foot and ponders what’s to come Sunday in the final round of the U.S. Open. Brendan and Andy begin by discussing Matthew Wolff’s outrageous 65 and the increasingly hot topic of not having to hit the fairway to lead a U.S. Open at Winged Foot. What does this say about the modern game and the present championship, if anything? They also discuss Pat Reed getting blown out to sea (and also possibly fluffing his lie on camera again) and the extremely impressive grind by Thicc Boi to get back on track and take a spot in the final tee time of the final round. They also address some of the odd setup critiques that the USGA went too easy. Then they are joined by Shane Bacon, who is on the ground this week broadcasting the event. Shane provides some insights on what changed with the conditions in the third round and his impressions of watching Wolff, Bryson, Reed, JT, and Rory. Then the three go through a lightning round of predictions and thoughts for Sunday, including winner, winning score, and the likelihood Bryson will be put on the clock.