Shrinking shafts, JR Smith show, Players purse bump, and CJ Plaque ‘desert golf’

This Wednesday episode promptly goes off topic, discussing the “preemptive” rain delay in Chicago, October not being as good as September, and if the rules of golf are actually not that bad compared to the officiating and umpiring conundrums we’re watching every weekend now. Then Brendan and Andy begin with an early news segment, discussing the new USGA local rule limiting driver length to 46 inches and what it means for Tour golf, among others. Then they discuss the PGA Tour bumping the Players purse to $20 million as well as providing essentially a “travel stipend” to the lower rank-and-file members in what’s basically a golf pro union. JR Smith’s first foray into competitive college golf is reviewed, and any and all critiques are addressed. Then it’s on to the schedule for the week, starting with the CJ Cup, which will take place at a new venue in the desert that’s not ‘typical desert golf,’ if such a type even exists. There are 3 things to watch there, and more on the Euro Tour’s return to another “so bad it’s good” venue.