Skimpy Amateur coverage, Pat Reed’s lawsuit, and LIV contract details

The cup of the content gods runneth over as golf’s summer of absurdity and existential crisis continued this week with an outlandish Pat Reed defamation lawsuit against Brandel Chamblee, incoherent tweets from a PGA Tour player advisory council member, last week’s PGA Tour winner having to disown a ranting “mentor,” a Tiger Woods attended players meeting to combat LIV, contents of LIV contracts coming out in the WSJ, and more. It’s been a week, and Andy and Brendan meander about in all that, while also discussing the great golf watching at the U.S. Amateur, where (good!) coverage comes on and goes off in what feels like indiscriminate fashion. There’s also some amusement in Paul Azinger comments on this week’s BMW venue, compared to Patrick Cantlay’s thoughts. The episode closes with a Precision Pro Flashback Friday on the 1990 U.S. Amateur, won by a brash Phil Mickelson over former HS teammate turned foe Manny Zerman, whose own legend is explored a bit during the segment.