Snakepits, Monday Q PIP Impacts, and Burger Dog qualms

This Wednesday episode begins with Brendan having to answer to some angry Aussies and attempt to clarify his Leishman comp from Monday. It’s also a rambling episode with Andy on the road with a broken phone, an alarm clock that won’t go off, and a birthday date with Torrey Pines and Brendan trying to find a couple spare minutes in between childcare disruptions. There’s intel from the U.S. Women’s Open media day at Olympic, where Andy has some issues with the burger dog fixins and Brendan has some questions about the mowing lines. Eventually, they run through the shhhedule for the week, hitting on three things to watch at the Valspar, some amusing intel from another island pitch-and-putt on the Euro Tour, and some diminutive notables on the Champions Tour. They also discuss the viral video of Monday qualifier Michael Visacki and the authenticity of a story that PIP can’t account for.