Solheim Cup chippiness, a ‘train wreck’ venue, and Tiger’s new restaurant

It’s the first of two international match play weeks at the Shotgun Start, which will lead to some unorthodox record times. But first Andy and Brendan begin this Solheim Cup week with some cleanup over a disastrous Monday Night Football game for the Browns and Justin Fields outright questioning his coaching. Then they get to the Solheim Cup and USA Captain Stacy Lewis publicly expressing her disappointment over the lack of commitment to co-promote or capitalize on the Solheim and Ryder Cups in consecutive weeks in similar parts of the world. This leads to a lengthy discussion on whose duty it would be to do such a thing and also how rights deals are stripping the networks bare. Then there’s some amusing intel on the quirk and, um, underwhelming aspects of this random Spanish venue choice. It does not sound like it will be fun for fans to get around but there may be some interesting TV. Looking ahead to next week, we already have our first game within the game for the Ryder Cup, and it involves Jon Rahm. News touches on Tiger Woods’s new restaurant, what he likely calls his new partner Justin Timberlake, and whether Andy and Brendan should go to the establishment next week in New York.