Some ‘terrible’ Pebble Beach setup choices, and Brooksy calls out Matt Wolff

It’s Friday! After a brief geography dispute, Andy and Brendan get into some early reactions to the Pebble Beach U.S. Women’s Open. They discuss the “grow-the-game” impacts and have a new favorite player based on some up-close observation by Andy on site. Then they get heavily into the “terrible” setup choices and fairway narrowing for this championship that have them wondering about a fundamental misunderstanding of golf, or at least high-level women’s golf. It’s a wide-ranging chat on setup philosophies and also the unfortunate aesthetic impacts at one of the best and most beautiful courses in the world. There’s some light John Deere chatter before news hits on Brooks Koepka napalming Matt Wolff’s “wasted” talent, and Wolff responding with his own statement calling the comments “heartbreaking.” Bryson’s return to his old caddie is also noted before a sign-off for the weekend.