Sorting the stack in the Pancake Zone and Brooksy’s tears in Jeddah

This Monday episode reacts to an INCREDIBLE sports weekend with wild scenes in Knoxville, Fort Worth, Utah, Salt Lake, Cleveland, Philly, and Jeddah, among others. Andy and Brendan sort through it all, starting with the Zozo, where Keegan and Rickie put some people to sleep. They assess Keegan’s strong career, which now resides in the Pancake Zone alongside Fowler. They compare five-year peaks and some other names from the five-win club. On the 54 Tour, they react to a 4A player like Peter Uihlein suddenly becoming a force out on the LIV circuit. Brooksy’s tears and comments about getting hot or finding his game during a quiet part of the season are addressed as well. Should there be a major in each quarter? There are a few amusing observations from the broadcast on Niblicks hype, unflattering graphics, and a potential opportunity for a “Fan Vote Friday” redux situation where the listeners can get involved in the broadcast. The women competing in their own Saudi-backed event rounds out the episode, with Lexi’s quotes on the subject reviewed.