Substantive TGL details splash in Wired article, #FBF on “South Africa’s major”, Golf Advice

It’s a stuffed November Friday episode for Brendan and Andy, who is dreading the Bears playing in national primetime yet again. They meander from that into the lengthy Wired article on the tech and plans for TGL, which provided some of the most substantive details to date about what this is and what it might look like. This leads to a few different rants on the current silly season splash of money and the amount of oxygen it’s currently taking up alongside the Tour’s looming decision to get in bed with Private Equity or the Saudis. Brendan then brings back Flashback Friday to talk a bit about the Nedbank Challenge, this week’s Euro Tour event, and Corey Pavin’s 1995 win there as it tried to emerge from a tainted origin story. They close with SGS Golf Advice on strollers on the golf course and turning in a cheating partner that you have a close relationship with outside of golf.