Sunday at the PGA Championship: Of Brooksy and Blocky

It was a fantastic PGA Sunday so a peppy Andy and Brendan check in one last time for the week to discuss it all, starting with Brooks Koepka’s fifth major championship win. They praise Koepka’s work both at Oak Hill and over the course of his career as the majors king of this era. They wrangle with the LIV question, and whether this brings any “validation” to that tour or product and also address the Ryder Cup question. Viktor Hovland’s real challenge is praised, while Rory McIlroy’s mismanagement is not. Michael Block, the darling of the week, is also discussed as the likely top story of the entire championship for general sports and non-golf fans. His two exemptions that broke during recording are also reacted to as the Tour thirsts for a Block bump. The Oak Hill setup and the kind of leaderboard talent it produced is examined. Some disappointments from the weekend are also noted. This episode was sponsored by AG1 by Athletic Greens, whose ad read comes with a significant mea culpa from the two idiot hosts.