Sunday at the Ryder Cup: Drinks, Tears, Thanks, and Takes

Our week in Sheboygan comes to an end with an American rout at the Ryder Cup. This recap episode is once again live from the Bixby Bus. It begins with a “thanks” to Mr. Kohler, a call back to an amusing inside nugget that started the week. Then it’s on to the takeaways from the victorious and dominant American side, and the defeated and battered European side. Andy talks about going back out to watch Westy play the 18th to “bring the old warhorse into the barn.” Brendan talks about going out to watch Rory and what the emotion that poured out of the European side meant for both this cup and going forward. They caution about all the grand pronouncements on what these three days means for the next several Cups, and also reiterate why it’s the best event in golf. They also debate who we’ll see again in Italy, and much more from another week on the ground. This episode, along with all of the episodes from Wisconsin, are supported by Bixby Coffee, where new Shotgun Start pitcher packs are live to go with the trusty SGS blend and Westy Island blend.