Sweating in Memphis, The Vu Era, Glover’s Ryder Cup spot, and Tosti Tales

Both Andy and Brendan are worse for the wear after some travel — one by air, the other by sea — but they quickly realize it could have been worse. It could have been Memphis, where the heat index was 110 and showing on Lucas Glover’s pants. There’s praise for Glover and this incredible run that was the quickest visit ever to the Pancake Zone and may just land him on the Ryder Cup team. One host is trying to put him in “lock” territory. They also discuss Playoff Pat, CBS staying with coverage late into 60 minutes, the Tour’s new playoffs slogan, and the long putter. On the LPGA, they marvel at Lilia Vu’s season bookend major championships, and new No. 1 in the world ranking. There are some great Alejandro Tosti stories and facts in the recap of the KFT event. They discuss Phil’s run at LIV Bedminster, as well as the Women’s Am at Bel-Air to round out the busy weekend in golf.