Team Reed gets counsel outside the circle, backboard plays, and Garrigus suspended

Andy and Brendan return from the weekend to dissect the results from the various tours around the world. They begin with the Valspar and Paul Casey’s defense as Dustin Johnson quietly faded. They also address what could possibly be the most useless FedExCup graphic in the history of useless FEC graphics. Then they get to the biggest news of the weekend in Tampa — Patrick and Justine Reed’s new swing coach. Skipping over to the European Tour, they hit on Scott Hend, the eventual Maybank winner, deliberately punching a shot off the grandstands, the ethics of it, and if we’ll see more of these backboard plays in the future. In news, we address the harsh Robert Garrigus suspension, which somehow diverts into a apoplectic shouting about Jason Gore and a new five-man player relations council at the USGA. Why are five people required for this? We wrap with a Masters Fact of the Day on the origins of the Pinkerton guards being enlisted at Augusta National.