The 2020 Year in Review, Part 2

Part 2 of the annual Year in Review picks up with The Players Championship. Andy and Brendan begin with the tone-deaf TikTok solicitation and then the “fluid” messaging from the Tour from Wednesday through a final decision to cancel on Thursday night after multiple adjustments and press releases. They discuss how the Tour’s handling of the week now looks in hindsight, and some lighter-fare amusements before the shop closed for a few months. The discussion during the quarantine stretch hits on some amusing controversies, like Vijay entering KFT fields, but also hits on a larger point about how golf thrived when there was no professional entertainment product. The matches at Seminole and Medalist get the full review treatment and there is once again uproarious laughter around the Tom Brady experience. Finally, the last section focuses on the Return to Golf (proper noun, please), reliving some of the controversies, highlights, and characters from the first four events back in the PGA Tour’s new world.