The 2020 Year in Review, Part 3

The Bears and Browns push for the postseason is the subject of the first segment of this episode. Then Part 3 of the annual Year in Review picks up with the Milkshake Swing in Columbus and the many amusements and dramatics around those back-to-back weeks at “Jack’s Place.” Then they bounce up to Minnesota and the course of 10,000 man-made lakes and some intrusive courier trucks. The WGC Swampass, or WGC Preferred Lies as it was known this year, is given the full treatment. We recall the double-wide cart paths having a major impact there before wrapping with some notes on the oppo field Barracuda, where a single held up play, bears roamed freely, and a certain player prepped to pull off a fantastic Jaco Van Zyl redux for the season’s first major.