The 2023 Year in Review, Part 1

Andy and Brendan are back for one their least favorite but also most enjoyable exercises of the year: it’s the SIXTH annual Year in Review! And they are maybe, kinda out ahead of it this time, although that could all change quickly if their pace of play slows to crawl. This first installment begins as always at the start of the year in Kapalua, where Collin consults with the Chip Monk and new armada of coaches. It runs from that first event through the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and features a handful of delights and amusements you may remember but likely forgot from the always eventful start of the year swing. This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next several weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.