The 2023 Year in Review, Part 7: The June merger and Blockie-mania

This Friday episode continues the Year in Review, which is in the throes of major championship summer. But in 2023, those majors took a backseat to the summer bombshell of a PGA Tour and LIV, or PIF, “merger” announced out of the blue on June 6 on CNBC. This portion of the Year in Review picks up post-PGA with the full onset of Mike Block mania taking over the entire sports world, another amusing Memorial week, and then the merger announcement, players meetings, Jay interviews, and immediate fallout in the week of the Canadian Open. Does what was being said that week reflect the year-end reality now? This is the usual SGS approach to the year in review, focusing more on the amusing, inane, and extraordinary and it will continue to roll out over the next several weeks in multiple parts to be enjoyed at your convenience during the holiday season.