The ants go marching one by one, relief! Relief!

This Friday episode begins with a discussion on Brooksy and his opening 62 as a sign that major season is nigh. Is he back? Did he ever leave? Is he really actually an “afterthought?” Brendan and Andy discuss his current place in the game as well as some amusing quotes in a Golfweek interview on his alleged friendship with DJ and the lack of importance PGA Tour events possess for his career goals. Then they get to the Kraken vs. the Ants and ponder whether Bryson runs the risk of becoming “The boy who cried relief.” They discuss his preposterous posturing and revelatory, in all the unintended ways, quotes after the round about it. The Cuda and Euro Tour events are given some attention and a theory is posited for why Jazzy J is DFL in Memphis. Also, why was Rickie in the MA Jimenez congratulatory video and how did the caddie “Pepsi” from that infamous MAJ confrontation get his nickname. News hits on Webb Simpson’s contention that architects are to blame for the distance issue, DL3 getting run from CBS, and JDay splitting with another member of his team. Andy also makes sure to get off a theory that the NBA is also much better without fans.