The beef video seen round the world, and corrupted by kitchen appliances

This Wednesday episode wanders around for an hour. It begins with a retroactive thirstbucket of the week award, discusses some airport fare, Gary Player designs, and the most pointless warm-up routine witnessed at Kiawah. There’s also angst about why Monday’s episode was slow-played by Apple, with a conspiracy theory emerging related to the CEO’s surname. Finally, it’s to the news of the week, month, year — the unsanctioned release of the Brooks v. Bryson interview video. They come at it from all angles, giving Todd Lewis a supporting actor nomination, indulging some pre-Bryson arguments, some pre-Brooks arguments, going through the beef timeline, and pleading with the PGA Tour to lean the hell into it, given the millions of views illustrating an appetite. Then it’s on to the schedule for the week, leading off with the Stand-up Mixer Senior PGA. It’s the event of the week but some troubling news out of Tulsa, where Andy was recording from, reveals the honor may be tainted by an appliance bribe. They close with another Eye on Olympic, which focuses on the player in the field at the U.S. Women’s Open regarded as the most humorous on tour.