The Brooksy Bylaw, Net Tour Championship, and Burly Boy Journeyman

This Wednesday episode gloriously falls on the first of the month, so you can imagine Andy’s giddiness. Brendan’s mood is also lifted by the fact that he’s not calling in from a space cave and the audio should return to acceptable enough. They begin by jumping right into the news from Jay Monahan’s press conference that the Brooksy shouts are considered “harassing behavior” and will now not be tolerated. They discuss how this is even enforceable, the slippery slope, and the Tour courting this exact creature that they’re now aghast about. Then it’s on to the Tour Championship and its staggered start format. They react to some JT and Rahm comments on the format, try to remember much about East Lake, and ponder a format that Andy thinks would hit a sweet spot for the new gambling craze. Pat Reed’s return, apparently by bus tour and showing off his hibiscus refresher, is also discussed within a larger Ryder Cup roster debate as the final week before that’s finalized on the U.S. side. The Journeyman of the Week is a burly boy in the Web Tour finals who just clinched his card and has some interesting thoughts about peanut butter. Friday will bring a full Solheim Cup preview and discussion sponsored by our good friends at Zero Restriction(use promo code SGS25 for 25% off) .