The Fall of the Blue Wall, ANWA intel, and top 10 title sponsors

This Wednesday episode begins with a fun Sabbo story on his preferred drink order. Then there’s a debate on the merits of orange juice. Andy and Brendan eventually get into the schedule for the week, where the women at both the professional and amateur level have the stage. The ANA Inspiration is up first, where news of the blue wall coming down has dramatically changed that finisher. Andy ponders the wildlife in Poppy’s Pond, which Brendan argues is essentially now a swimming pool. There are “three things to watch” proffered for the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, where we might get a peek at a course that, according to Jordan Spieth, is rumored to be playing as firm as ever. They cover some of the top women in the field and also have a debate over the “Real USC.” Texas Open one-and-dones is a trip down Hoffman memory lane. They close with news of the Canadian Open going to Congaree and the TOUR selling a ketchup popsicle to an ISP in white gloves as another title sponsor for its regular season top 10.