The Honda takes a hit, prescriptions for a new Florida swing, and Fan Vote Friday Junior

Brendan and Andy run through the weekly schedule to begin this Wednesday episode and learn about the Greg Norman course hosting the Oman Open and the Dump-in-a-Box Classic in the process. After running through the featured groups for the Honda, they get to the primary discussion topic of the week — the diminished field at PGA National. They review how low the strength of field has dipped, why it went that way, and prescriptions for what is an incredibly cramped five-week stretch running into the Gold Standard. In news, they hit on Tiger blowing off his usual chat with the press two straight days to opt for his sit-down with State Run Media. Then they get to some more big commitments for Bay Hill, the Open locking in another future site, and Marty Sleeps taking a dramatically different tone than Mike Davis on the rules changes. The inaugural Shotgun Start Fan Vote Friday Junior nominees are announced and the ballot is trimmed to four options. They wrap with Paulie’s Picks for the Honda.