The Johnny Morris Infomercial, Mike Davis gets into design, and Puntacana problems

The seriousness of U.S. Open week is out the window for this Wednesday episode as Brendan and Andy weave their way through the cornucopia of oddities from the Payne’s Valley Cup, Mike Davis getting into the design game, and the Puntacana Championship efforting to fill a field that is inexplicably sized for 144 players. Their reactions to the two-on-two match in the Ozarks are varied, from the interminable time it took to complete, to the lionizing of Johnny Morris, to Paul Azinger’s amazement at the waterfalls, to the crowded galleries, to the format that left us unclear on who won. There’s also ample time set aside for Gary Player’s rant on trees, farming, city slickers, and his brother going to war. In news, they discuss Mike Davis’ decision to resign from the USGA and start his own design firm. They discuss his record at the USGA and ponder the challenges and advantages of his new career, while also trying to sort out the Fazio family tree. Toward the end, they run through the schedule for the week and take a look at the Puntacana field, which is grasping for headliners and names you’ve heard of before.