The LIV debut, the PGA Tour response, and Andy’s Majesticks

This Friday episode jumps right into a whirlwind day that may be the start of fundamentally changed pro golf landscape. Andy and Brendan react to the first broadcast of the first ever LIV Golf round. Did it surpass expectations or devolve into the shitshow that was anticipated? Did the golf even matter? Where is the leaderboard?! They discuss the amusements and disappointments, and who came off most debased as sportswasher of the day. Then they get into the PGA Tour’s announcement that all defectors were suspended, and what that might actually mean in practice. Some legal counsel who’s been digging through the bylaws sends along a few thoughts of how things might go next or different options available to players. They also discuss if Jay Monahan can save his tour with the status quo, and how pro golf is all going to be worse off for this.