The Match that wouldn’t end, Baton tricks on links turf, and new awards

Andy and Brendan could not wait any longer, so this was recorded as the Match at Moonlight Basin was on the 14th hole or so and still finishing up sometime in hour five. They offer some initial reactions to the made-for-TV event, including Bryson’s stiffness and whether he got straight up outplayed by Aaron Rodgers. They also discuss the outrageous pace of play and a course that looked like it would make many want to quit. There’s also the subject of Fake Bears. The event of the week is the Scottish Open, which is also the subject of the second leg of the Coffee Pot (enter that pool here folks). They discuss Renaissance Club, the Americans overseas chasing a Race to Dubai title, and whether Billy Boy may be able to try some new baton tricks on the firmer linksy turf. Over on the PGA Tour, they lament the Deere’s spot on the schedule while praising its mission and location and its existence. News hits on the new Nicklaus-Jacklin award that very few people could have asked for and Sunny Kim’s continued dominance at Abacoa.