The MENA Maneuver, Bryson’s Safe Spaces, and an FBF on OWGR

It’s an odd week, so this Thursday episode is a bit of a mash-up, hitting both the schedule for the week while also getting out on an #FBF segment focused on past hollering about the Official World Golf Rankings, which finds itself again in the crosshairs of some hollering. Andy and Brendan begin with the schedule, which provokes an absolutely preposterous Jordan Spieth take. Unsubstantiated rumor Friday is an amusing one that focuses on some potential Dallas-area drama. Then it’s on to the LIV stunt forming a “strategic alliance” with the MENA Tour and spiking the football that they would be immediately getting OWGR points this week because of it. Precision Pro FBF looks back at a past OWGR controversy, when the majors started giving out exemptions based off the rankings and everyone seemed to hate the system for one reason or another, including Zinger, whose Op-Ed on it is read aloud to cap off the week.