The Netflix Cup runneth over, A pro golf bubble of excess, Blockie makes an ace

It’s whiparound Wednesday, and Andy is confronting the possibility that he might have made a mistake adding a second dog to the house. Brendan begins with the Netflix Cup, an assault on the senses in a place that excels at that, Las Vegas. What was that? Who was it for? Was it good at all? They react as they watch and the Cup drags on. Then they bounce around on all manner of golf tidbits, from disputing a 100-hole “hike” at a par-3 course, the Tour’s absurd new pace of play policy which introduces a new acronym, Ale Tosti going to Japan, Atlanta Drive’s full roster, and Mike Block making another ace with the cameras rolling. There’s also ample time given to Frank Nobilo’s comments that “golf is in a weird space” right now with the amount of money given to a pro sport that is “outrated by volleyball.” It is out of whack, but are we too far gone and will it course correct. They close with a schedule for the week and some deep thoughts about the mis-numbering of birthdays.