The Pebble setup for USWO, PGA Tour document “leak,” and Biker Gang insights

It’s a throwback worse-for-the-wear Wednesday episode following the July 4th holiday. Andy and Brendan begin with some wide-ranging insights on the Biker Club (Don’t call me a Gang) culture picked up during the holiday. Then they get to the ECCO Event of the Week, the U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach. They discuss some qualms they have with setup and rough at the classic course, but also how it will bring out the best in the women’s game and the course itself. Notables at the John Deere are given a closer inspection. News touches on Open Championship qualifying and the release of documents from the Klay Man’s lawsuit against the PGA Tour in South Florida, specifically with the laughable talking points intended for Tiger and the PGA Tour’s plans to ally with the distressed European Tour.