The Prince’s Return, SAS overruns, and the Summit cinch

This Monday episode begins by reacting to Rory McIlroy’s rousing weekend in the desert, where he got to 25-under for his 20th PGA Tour victory. Begins is probably the wrong word, because before the Rory chat, there’s ample discussion about some of these ridiculous scores, ample eagles, and the Summit challenge, including Rory’s own comments that the Tour would be happy to give the course back to the members and the owner. There’s a debate on whether a plaque (not necessarily the CJ plaque) is the worst kind of award memento you can receive, even worse than a ribbon? Rickie’s resurgence is also praised as a possible sign of things to come. The coverage catastrophe is given its due, as the SAS Championship and senior circuit gets its moment, the one no one but them wanted. Matty Fitz’s victory in Spain is reviewed, with some side discussion on what Paddy Harrington must be thinking watching two of his players take down trophies on Sunday.