The Shadow Creek problem and the Westy conflict

Andy and Brendan close out the week with a lengthy discussion on Shadow Creek after the first round of the CJ Cup. But first, Brendan issues an apology on some course record confusion and Andy argues that course records should no longer exist, as a rule. There’s also one more amusing sock story from a prominent American club. Andy is also forced to reckon with his hero, Lee Westwood, shilling for the Fake St. Andrews that was the target of so much ire on Wednesday. On the subject of Shadow Creek, the two discuss their misgivings about how it’s portrayed this week as some sort of aspirational marvel or treasure. There is less criticism for the course itself as opposed to the portrayal and the caution we should all proceed with when consuming the CJ Cup. They also discuss how it was a big day for provisionals, the stimpmeter, and overseed. News hits on reports of The Match III before they wrap with Masters facts of the day on the origins of rope lines at golf tournaments and a singing, dancing champion.