The Shirtless Shaper, The Bad Boys of Golf, and the arm lock argument

There’s little to talk about so this Friday episode is a slalom run of stupidity as Brendan and Andy swerve back and forth from topic to topic. They begin with some follow-up intel on Tommy II, Mike Davis’s new partner in crime, and his preferred attire while out on the job. Then they relay an origin story for the Murder Rock course name, which has something to do with a criminal named Alf. There’s also more details on the insanity of that layout, a range that was essentially a grass wall, and a few more thoughts on the bunkers at Payne’s Valley. They also address Rory’s comments on Bryson arm-locking and the impact that Davis’s departure will have on equipment regulation. After a discussion on making their own wine, they transition to the actual golf this week, which is more a reason to talk about the Sepptic tank’s life moving from Vienna to Valdosta, Tyler McCumber’s life hitchhiking, and Xinjun Zhang being known as the Bad Boy of Chinese golf.