The Swedish Pancake Zone, Preemptive Preferred Lies, JT gets dropped

This Monday episode pushes on even though Brendan is wallowing in a state of despair about the Browns season coming to a close. They quickly transition from that sadness to the triumph of Kevin Na, who does not enter the Rickie Zone but rather the Swedish Pancake Zone with his fifth Tour win. They examine some of the places he’s bagged those Ws and some of the other names in the Pancake Stack. The Sony is broken down into some things they liked — the Chris Kirk story, outrageous scoring, Webb’s sunscreen application apathy — and some things they didn’t like — preemptively playing preferred lies, the Nick Taylor ruling, Peppy Peter’s quote that angles never matter. News hits on a driving range netting rumor, Bryson’s trouble on the backend, and the announcement that Ralph Lauren was dropping Justin Thomas.