Thicc Boi’s affliction, the PR detritus, and Captain ZJ’s picks

It’s an early Wednesday episode celebrating the arrival of March, a good if not great month. Andy and Brendan begin with a discussion on Bryson’s WD from Bay Hill, and his social media video full of fits and starts announcing it. It sounds like Bryson may be on the shelf for longer than this week, so the two ponder his injury, his career to date, and his post-bulk run. Then it’s on to the schedule for the week, where Brendan confesses that Bay Hill has a piece of his heart and Andy delights in the par-3s of all the same length. The oppo field event at Puerto Rico is a who’s who of the alternate list army, which is covered at length. They close with news, which primarily focuses on Zach Johnson as the new Ryder Cup captain, his hype video, and his retention of six captain’s picks.