Tiger arrives in Augusta, Did ANWA kill the Dinah, and Kupcho’s major moment

Andy and Brendan are reunited in person at the B. Draddy Cabin in Augusta as they prepare for a full week of podcasting from the Masters, which starts with a few solid minutes of car talk following a mighty struggle trying to figure out how to put the top up on the convertible. On golf, they begin with some immediate reactions to Jennifer Kupcho’s winning the first major of the year and the first of her career. This prompts a discussion on the tension between ANWA and the Chevron Championship, nee Dinah Shore, which Christina Kim was quick to point the finger at Augusta National for helping kill off in Southern California. They ponder whether ANWA is now the most high profile and prestigious event in all of women’s golf, and what it can do for the women’s game on the whole, even with the negative side effects of some format issues and the schedule conflict. The Valero is mostly panned for a lackluster leaderboard before news closes on Tiger Woods’s arrival to make a “game time decision” for the Masters.