Andy and Brendan are back with some more juice for this Friday episode, starting with questions about the kind of people who choose to go to the bar at Dave & Buster’s. Then they get to the news of the day, the break-up of Bryson DeChambeau and caddie Tim Tucker. They delight in the smoke-and-mirrors of Team Bryson stating that it was a mutual parting. They relay some accounts they heard of general looper disgruntlement. They ponder the real on-course impact it could have, as well as if a replacement is even out there. They also tip (or pip) the cap to Brooks for his crowbarring his way into the proceedings. Also in non-golf news out of Detroit, there’s Phil Mickelson tweeting away at a local newspaper. Precision Pro Flashback Friday focuses on a past winner in Michigan at the Buick, one who passed on two majors during the best stretch of golf of his career so he could prep for the Ryder Cup at the end of the season.