Tom keeps on chugging, Fireballs burn bright, and Illinois’s playoff dream is alive

This Monday episode begins with excitement over Illinois football and Guardians baseball. There’s also an allegation of thirsty attempts at foodie influencing. Eventually, Andy and Brendan get to golf and Tom Kim’s second PGA Tour win at the tender age of 20. They discuss his trajectory and how he’s a strong argument for the tour keeping more avenues open as opposed to closing things off in their ongoing battle with LIV. Patrick Cantlay is praised too! Then they discuss Eugenio Chacarra’s LIV win in Bangkok and just what exactly to do with it in terms of contextualizing what it means for his future, aside from his bank account. Jon Rahm’s comments about carrying torches for Spanish golf and beating a weaker field to win a Spanish Open and tie Seve’s mark are discussed. The Epson Tour graduates are given their due but there are questions about the entire process of having more turnover at the LPGA level.