Tommy Tables beats the house, Saudi gets a sportswash, and Thicc Boi breaks down

This Monday episode begins with some investigative reporting on Andy “stumbling into controversy” out on the West Coast. Then it’s on to the Pebble Beach Pro Am, where Tommy Tables was triumphant. There are a few theories thrown out about “fluke winners” of this event, and the Spieth contention that Tables is someone you do not want to face on Sunday because of how he plays craps. There’s ample Spieth discussion, with some scar tissue ponderings, reaction to the shot from the edge of the cliff, and the good fortune of getting him involved on an otherwise thin leaderboard. Then it’s off to Saudi Arabia, where they got their sportswash moment with a dramatic HV3 win. Brendan and Andy discuss the conflict around covering these events, how the PGA Tour may have overplayed its hand, and how they’re likely here to stay. Also covered is Bryson’s injury and the told-you-so takes that flowed in the wake of his WD.