Torrey foibles, Bomb-and-Gouge, Brooks v. Bryson, and Hanglider impacts

This Wednesday episode serves as your official U.S. Open preview. Andy and Brendan begin with some player reactions to the course setup so far, getting in the weeds on bomb-and-gouge proclamations and rough trepidation. There’s a debate about too much luck being involved, and a take that the U.S. Open has become the most predictable of the majors in terms of what type of winner it delivers. They highlight the divergent thoughts of Bryson and Jordan Spieth on whether this will be similar to Winged Foot. Then they get to the rumor that Bryson declined a pairing with Brooksy, and react to some of the pearl-clutching on Tuesday over this feud existing at all. One-and-done picks are made. Favorite groupings are bandied about — from the Triple H to the European runts — as well as worst groupings. Somehow, there is anti-Meronk sentiment. They close with some chatter on whether the hangliders, perhaps a rogue one with a bet slip, could impact the championship.