TPC Target golf, Tiger’s return, and Players picks

This Wednesday episode goes long on the Gold Standard but not without some debate over what gets Andy’s “event of the week.” The Magical Kenya Open makes a strong bid. We review the Fan Vote choices and decide to make an official endorsement for Friday in a bid to upset the best laid plans for the heavy favorites. Then we get into some the comments from Tiger, bad press conference questions, the “brand equity” of the new trophy, and Justin Rose insisting the new March date makes this target golf. Then we embrace debate on the pros and cons of the schedule change, discussing firm and fast vs. increased winds. We discuss our favorite holes at Sawgrass, our favorite Players champions, and our favorite controversy. We recall that time cows grazed on Augusta National in our Masters fact of the day before wrapping with Paulie’s picks and fantasy intel for the richest purse of the season.