Travel tales, a great finish in Mexico, and unsubstantiated rumors

It’s a Monday in November, so this podcast rambles all over the place talking about some golf and non-golf topics. Andy and Brendan begin with some travel tales from the weekend, including a humorous hotel situation, miscalculated drive times, and questions about cyclists. Then they get to the WWT Championship in Mexico, where Erik van Rooyen capped off an incredible back nine with an even better post-win interview on the meaning of the week for him with a close friend near death. They discuss the purpose of these late fall events in light of that win, even if ratings and interest are minimal. There’s also some discussion of the Champions Tour and its purpose. There’s an unsubstantiated rumor about the next iteration of The Match. Andy claims Matteo Mannassero is Brendan’s muse for some reason. News hits on Framework Agreement details and PGA Tour players getting to play the LIV Q school event without punishment.