USA’s Ryder Cup scouting in Rome missing a few and Els technology takes

It’s Victory Monday! For Brendan, at least. Andy has fewer nice things to say about his football teams and is ready to maybe check out on the Bears season. Then they move to tennis, which had its great final completely overshadowed by the opening Sunday in the NFL and maybe should take a page out of the FedEx Cup. An ad read for a new sponsor leads to some Irish Open chatter on the weather, Rory’s four balls in the water, and the Candyman’s ascent. There’s a segment on the USA’s big scouting trip to Rome over the weekend, where 9 of the 12 team members made it. Does it matter much for the actual Cup? Are people going to overreact to the ones who did not make the trip? The LPGA event leads to a side chat on Lexi’s awful year and upcoming Solheim Cup. The Champions Tour chat is more of an occasion to react to some interesting Ernie Els comments on technology leading to swing speeds that are not sustainable if you want to stay healthy. They close with a random flashback to the 2000 NFL Draft.