USGA announces ball rollback, the PGA Tour’s response, and LIV trademark blocked

This Wednesday episode comes on the heels of the USGA and R&A announcing a “Model Local Rule” that would rollback the golf ball some 20 yards for elite male competition. Andy and Brendan talk at length about the announcement, how it will impact the highest levels of the game, what was missing from it, and if it went far enough in combating the distance problem. They discuss the backlash and reaction to it from OEMs like Titliest, players those companies pay like Webb Simpson, and the PGA Tour’s rather toothless show of support in its statement. That triggers a world of hypotheticals wherein the Tour might play with the suped-up stuff while the majors play a different, realer golf. After that rollback chat, they hit on shhhedule for the week, make some picks for the preeminent gambling pod, and hit on the news of LIV’s trademark claim being blocked by the Miami nightclub. Also, is there a worse sports weekend to have a LIV event than opposite the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament?