Warm Kapalua glee, Norman and Phil react to Rory’s ‘reversal’ on LIV, More over-unders

Andy and Brendan are back for their first Friday episode of the year and it’s a joyous scramble. They begin with what Andy terms as one of the funniest and bizarre articles he’s read and stumble around on a few random non-golf topics. Then it’s on to one of the best watches of the year: the first round, primetime golf from Kapalua. They react to some sponsorship shuffling on hats and feet, sadly with one Sepptic Tank. They discuss Scottie Scheffler’s opening round, Sahith Theegala’s early lead, and whether or not they missed Zinger. Also, what is going on with his replacement? Then they discuss Rory McIlroy’s comments on LIV and whether they were a “stunning U-turn” and the subsequent reactions from both Phil Mickelson and Greg Norman to them, with the latter appreciating Rory “falling on his sword.” They close it out with a few more over-unders for the 2024 season, with Brendan trying to put Andy in a blender on a few major predictions, LIV movements, and Bears props.