We forgot to hit record

It was late to begin with and then Brendan and Andy discovered at minute 43 that they had neglected to hit the record button on the first attempt at this episode. So this is a second run, and if we’re being honest, it’s not their best effort. They run through the schedule for the week, tell an amusing Bryson story from last year’s win that you may not have heard, and ponder what the Thicc Boi’s weight is down to these days. Mito Pereira having to hope for a spot off the alternate list after getting the battlefield promotion is, as you might expect, noted. Event of the week is a duel between an elite amateur event and an event where the leader got stuck in an elevator that goes up to one of the tee boxes. Last but not least, enter the first ever Coffee Pot, a pool covering the next three weeks of peak Coffee Golf season — the Irish, Scottish, and British Opens. It’s the usual pool with some amusing categories to make picks from with both weekly and cumulative winners.