Westy on tilt, JT on point, and Rory chases Bryson

This Players Monday episode begins by tackling the question of whether an Illinois B1G championship mitigates the despair of Westy fading at The Players in Andy’s world. They immediately jump into the JT-Westy contrasts, namely one putting together an all-time ballstriking round and the other desperately trying to cobble something respectable. They tear the band-aid off and re-live a “worst case scenario” for Andy. JT’s play and legacy are discussed, and Westy’s worst shot of the day is debated. There are giggles over the run of horrendous shanks and tops early in the round, which results in a Thicc impersonation. They also cover a setup quibble here and there, the Mattress King giving away his driver in the middle of a round, the Spieth-Sabbo contretemps, Doug Grim, and every shot live coverage. Brendan defends, maybe, the Players feeling major-ly to him. Rory’s comments about Bryson influencing his chase for speed and swing struggles are reviewed. News focuses on DJ opting out of the Olympics before one more round of Westy laments to sign off on a great week.