We’ve got a race for Low Net!, Rory’s back injury, and Golf Advice

Andy and Brendan begin this Friday summer episode with a host of travel takes given recent airline trips — from baggage claim to boarding to de-boarding. Then they get to the Net Tour Championship, where we have a ballgame despite the starting strokes! Andy and Brendan debate the contenders, with Andy digging in some more. They explore the Scottie regression, Collin’s big charge and what’s sustainable, and the peak chaos scenario we’re all rooting for: Adam Schenk. Also, would the ultimate blow to the FEC be its winner not making the Ryder Cup team, and would Keegan get a pick if he won it? There’s also a lengthy discussion on Rory’s back injury, how it might have occurred, and whether the Tour keeping these things hush given the warm embrace and promotion of gambling is the future way to go. They close with SGS Golf Advice on a rumble on the course, asking your wife to un-book some golf, and law school degenerates revealing themselves in a round.