Zoo golf, the Baby Sea Lion, and spotlight on “human progress”

It’s Workday Charity Open week, but first Brendan has to get some behind-the-scenes detail from Andy on the long-awaited cold brew tutorial finally being made. There’s also a short segment at the top relaying listener notes on Slovakian amateur golf, the Bob Karlsson Classic, and golf courses that abut zoos after the Monday note about giraffes watching you over a wall at Rackham in Detroit. On the tournament in Columbus, they discuss the course setup tweaks to try and bring some variety to the challenge of playing a venue two weeks in a row. Will the Tour do enough to actually spice it up from week to week? Andy gives out the “event of the week” to an event where Quad Love once made his mark. In news, they double back on Bryson’s double down comments on the cameras filming him for too long and his plea that we all just focus on “human progress.” Then Women’s British getting the greenlight in a “bio secure zone” is praised before a last second one-and-done picks signoff.